Sep 242014
dogs beaches brews

This Friday at 7pm, bring your dog to Fort Lauderdale beach and enjoy a great night out on the corner of A1A and Sunrise Blvd! Both the Parrot Lounge and Sandbar serve DELICIOUS food all night long! Audio Heist will be performing LIVE at the Sandbar from 9p-11p. Audio Heist, South Florida’s Robin Hoods of Rock, have appeared live at local venues such as World of Beer, Tarpon Bend, The Dubliner Boca, O’Brien’s, Players Sports Lounge, Cheers, Flossie’s and many more!

Great night with live music, raffle prizes, 50/50 raffle…..all proceeds benefit the dogs!

The infamous raffle ticket girls will be selling tickets for great items such gift certificates to Dog Groomers, Spa treatments, Restaurants, beautiful home accessories and more!

$10.00 Admission includes 1 Drink at the Parrot Lounge and 1 Drink at the Sand Bar. (911 & 900 Sunrise Lane, Fort Lauderdale)

More info at the Facebook events page:

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May 262014
Sun-Sentinel survival

Today, I did something that I have not done in a very long time.  I was shopping for groceries and came across a newspaper rack with today’s edition of the Sun-Sentinel sitting on top and some catchy headlines that peaked my interest.  Being that it was Memorial Day, I was curious to see what kind of coverage of local events I would find in our “local” newspaper – so I plunked down my dollar and two quarters and perused the paper while taking my lunch break (after putting away all the groceries of course).

One of the headlines I was interested in said “Go! Lift a glass to Funky Buddha” and referred me over to the back page of the “Money” section.  The write-up was not much longer than  the subtitle of the headline itself! In fact, the accompanying photo took up more room than the article.  But since I was on that page, I was intrigued since it was the part of the paper which they had dedicated to places to go.    It was supposed to be “Your guide to getting out, brought to you by the staff of“, which is just another name for the Sun-Sentinel’s online presence.  There was a only one thing to do each day of the week, including today – which was kind of disappointing to me since that was one of the main reasons I purchased the paper.

I am sure that I am not the only one wondering what special events are going on today, being that many people have the day off.  As The Weekend Concierge, I know that people turn to my website to see what’s happening today and I hope that they are not too disappointed when they see that the calendar only has a handful of live music events listed in Broward and another handful in South Palm Beach County.  It is after-all a Monday so bars and restaurants need to plan further ahead and take a gamble that people will show up on a Monday after going out on Friday and Saturday nights.  And it’s not like I have the strength, resources or money of The Tribune behind me – so Sun-Sentinel, what’s your excuse?

So, was it worth the $1.50 I forked over to the cashier this morning?  Absolutely!  Not only did it give me a reason to write this blog and have YOU read it, but it also gave me more incentive to move forward and keep doing what I am doing, which is providing the public with a great source of live entertainment listings throughout Broward, Boca Raton and Delray Beach.  And if you like what you see on, ask local businesses to become local sponsors and keep checking back for the most up to date calendars for live music events, comedy, karaoke and more!

‘Have a wonderful week and even a better weekend!


Rob, aka The Weekend Concierge

P.S. Credit for the featured image on this blog goes to who wrote in 2011 “The Miami Herald and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel continue to underwhelm South Florida’s populace with their chronically poor news coverage of local news….”

Apr 182014
banquet rooms event space

Are you planning a special event and have too many people to sit at one table and just don’t know where to start looking?  Why not let The Weekend Concierge help you find the perfect spot for your celebration, whether it be a wedding, bar-mitzvah, Quinceañera, Sweet-16, engagement party or just plain birthday!

If you follow him on Facebook, you already know that The Weekend Concierge visits more places than any one human being can possibly see in one week and that adds up to hundreds of bars, restaurants and party venues, large and small that he has seen over the years.  Why not pick his brains to see if he knows any event space that might be suitable for your next special occasion?

The idea came to him when he noticed that many restaurants had a spare room that was being under-utilized because most people just didn’t know it existed.  Similar to his knowledge of which bands are playing where, he would like the opportunity to share this information with friends and fans of WeekendBroward.  To simplify the process,  a simple form on his website needs to be completed to gather a few details.  Whether the room is as large as a banquet hall or as small as a meeting room, you can expect a response in less than 24 hours.  Best of all, this service is offered FREE of charge!  (Donations to support the website are always appreciated)

To begin your search for the perfect room for your next special event, click here.


Mar 282014 recently expanded it’s geographical coverage by adding a menu selection at the top of every page titled “Boca-Delray“.  There, you will find three options to help you discover more in depth coverage of venues in the two Southernmost cities in Palm Beach County which are chalk full of useful information on which bands and musicians are playing where tonight and every night of the week.  First, you will find a calendar of live music organized by the day of the week and further segmented by the hour.  Venues covered include Boston’s on the Beach in Delray Beach, The Funky Biscuit, Pavilion Grille, Turn-3 Sports Bar and The Duck Tavern in Boca Raton.  We don’t limit the list to our sponsors as we try to get live music calendars loaded for many more venues in these two cities located just a few miles North of  Broward County.

The second menu option is a Best Bars for Bands list in Boca-Delray where you will find links to places that offer live music as often as every night of the week.  Their support for local bands is what makes them worthy of their placement on this list which was put together by none other than The Weekend Concierge.  Below the Top Ten list, you will find up to date full-size posters streaming across your screen featuring weekly and upcoming events from our sponsors.

Third on the drop-down menu, we now provide an ever-expanding list of Bars and Restaurants throughout Palm Beach County so that you can explore on your own, with some of our guidance of course.  This was put together to help out fans of live music who either travel to or live in Palm Beach County.  The list is organized by major cities including Boynton Beach, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach.  We hope that you find it useful in your travels.

WeekendBroward also lists many more events from both Broward and Palm Beach Counties blended together under our Live Music section under the categories of Local Events, Food Trucks, Comedy and Karaoke.

There’s so much to explore on WeekendBroward and we hope that you will continue to support our thriving local live music industry by visiting as many of the places we feature as often as possible – it’s our way of giving back to the community.



Mar 152014
feedback wanted

We are pleased that you found us, whether it was via a Google search, a link off of Facebook or a referral from a friend.  We are experiencing non-stop growth thanks to our growing database of information regarding local bands, local events, local bars and restaurants etc…. However, we probably cannot have everything to offer that everyone is looking for – after all, we’re not exactly Google!

We noticed that some people find us from outside of our central area of Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Delray.  In fact, we get “hits” from all over the country, if not the entire world.  Should we assume that you will be traveling to South Florida and want to know where to go to see a good show tonight?  Why assume, when we can simply ask you right here, right now!

We also noticed that some people only sign on for a very short amount of time but we don’t know if you found what you were looking for since Google Analytics is hiding most keywords that people use to find us.  Did you stumble across something was out of date such as an event that happened last year, for example? Why not give us some feedback, so that we can write an update perhaps?

We have taken note that a large percentage of users are reading this on a tablet or mobile phone – but since they come in all shapes and sizes, we don’t know if you were able to read all the information we have for you.  Once again, we could use your feedback letting us know exactly which device you are using when you report a problem so we can keep an eye on any trends – positive or negative.

Lastly, it is common practice for users to give up on websites that take too long to load.  Since we are relying on many features added on to the “code” of this website over the years, we need to know if you are signing off because you just could not wait any longer for a screen to load.  It’s sometimes hard to tell if the problem is on our end or yours but changing browsers or moving to a desktop from a mobile device can sometimes make things go faster in the world wide web.  We are always looking into ways to get faster load times too, even though we operate on limited resources unlike the “big guys” out there. (Consider a donation?)

Please take a minute or two to either click the comment button on this “blog” if you want your message to be public (after approval) or use the contact us form to send a private message.  We want to keep improving the “user experience” on this website and the best way we know how is to ask you for your feedback.

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Thank for your support – we appreciate it!

Mar 122014
st patricks day pubs

Here, in Fort Lauderdale, there is no lack of Irish Pubs and they will certainly be showing their colors this weekend as Saint Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday and who wants to wait until Monday to start celebrating the biggest drinking holiday of the entire year?!  Being that I only care about bars with live music, I thought I would do my annual compilation for those of you who love to read my suggestions  – like ’em or not!

This blog would not be complete if I did not bring up two of the largest Irish Pubs in town and they prove it year after year on St. Patty’s Day.  The first one was one that I discovered several years ago when a friend came to town and asked me to find her a true Irish Pub to celebrate on March 17th.  That is when my online research uncovered a hidden gem on Griffin Road in Dania Beach, just West of the Fort Lauderdale Airport and just North of Hollywood.  And thus started my annual visits to The Field Irish Pub & Eatery.  Week after week, they feature the same nightly entertainment: The Two of Us (Beatles Tribute) on Tuesday nights, George Orr’s tribute to Rod Stewart on Wednesdays and Celtic Bridge, an Irish Trio every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  However, on March 17th, they go all out to fill every hour of the day with live entertainment and every possible parking spot within a mile with cars!

Here is their complete schedule as listed on their website, thefieldfl.comPUB STAGE Celtic Bridge 12pm-Midnight TENT STAGE Richard Wood & Gordon Belsher from Prince Edward Island, Canada 2-7pm DJ Jason Dunne 7:30pm-Midnight ALSO FEATURING: Drake School Irish Dancers, Celtic Dreams Bagpipers, Facepainter, South Florida Cloggers, Traditional Irish Fare, Bars Inside & Out! Gates open at 11am. $10 cover. No reservations! Entertainment subject to change without notice. Rain or shine event. All attendants subject to age verification and entry fee. Complimentary adjacent parking provided. 

Next, I have to mention an Irish Pub in Fort Lauderdale that does not go a weekend without a great variety of bands every Friday and Saturday night, located just up the road from Downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Maguire’s Hill 16 puts up a huge tent in their parking lot to handle the swarm of people who show up for their party each year.

Here is their schedule as posted on their website:   Starting at 8am with our traditional Irish breakfast…….. From 12 noon our famous St. Patrick’s day party commences with live music all day……, starting with traditional Irish music by Celtic Cross band…..followed by Joe Doherty and Co…… Then from 7pm we will be rocking with the famous fiddle player Randi and the Blue Fire Band……….. Traditional Irish music will also be played throughout the day in all our bars….. We also be entertained by the famour carl drake school of Irish step dancers, local school of Irish clog dancers…… The Fort Lauderdale bagpipers….many vendors… Face painter….. Enjoy our home cooked Irish food which will include corn beef and cabbage….. Shepherd’s pie……. Irish stew…. Burgers, hot dogs etc…. Come sit back, drink up with your loved ones and friends, some you haven’t met yet.

Some places like to be Irish for just one day.  Take Tijuana Taxi in Coral Springs for example.  They fence off the parking lot as they do for Halloween and throw one heck of a party, even if they are a Mexican restaurant! Here is their writeup:

“Come by and catch the t-shirts and beads that we’ll be tossin’ off the stage while indulging in Authentic Mexican Food and our one of a kind Corned Beef and Cabbage Tacos (you HAVE to try them!) ~ Irish Car Bombs, Baby Guinness, DOS XX ~ and all your favorite frosty beverages!!! DJ Tommy Rocker goes Live at 4pm! HEADLINING ACT: Grindstone rocks the stage 8pm til Midnight!”

What follows are some of my favorite Irish Pubs with weekly live music and their entertainment plans for Monday.

Johnny O’Brian’s Irish Pub in Coconut Creek – Bungled & Botched followed by Riverdown

O’Meara’s Irish Pub in Margate – Dog Starr Rider

Packy’s Sports Pub in Lighthouse Point – Bounce

You can be sure to find Corned Beef & Cabbage, Green Beer and plenty of party favors (and some surprises) at any of the places mentioned.  So, if you rest up on Sunday, prepare to party one more time this weekend on Monday.  You’ll find detailed times and even more places to go Monday on the daily Live Music Events Calendar at


The Weekend Concierge

Johnny Obrians March

dogg starr st patty

Packys St Pattys Day