Kettle Black

Kettle Black
Cooking up Rock Hits from the 90’s and today’s soon to be classic songs

Kettle Black is a rock cover band made up of four seasoned musicians from other professional projects that have always had fun together whenever they had a chance to play together. Fun is the only reason this band exists. Even the name is derived from poking fun at each other( The pot calling the kettle ??? ). There are four talented guys in this band with no room for ” THAT GUY ” and it really comes across when we get a chance to entertain a room.

The band rolled out with an idea to form a band based on material every else WAS NOT playing.  The “standards” that every musician is tired of playing, will not be heard from this project. AND BAM !!!! SUCCESS !!! Great turnouts and great feedback from all who come to see them play.  With an abundance of ground breaking radio hits and music from the 90’s on up, the material gives the band the energy to drive a fun show for everyone.

Here are a few examples of what you might hear when you see Kettle Black:

FOO FIGHTERS Everlong / St. Cecelia / Learning to fly
SOCIAL DISTORTION Ring of fire / Story of my life
BLINK 182 Shes out of her mind / All the small things
GREEN DAY When i come around / Basket Case
MATCH BOX 20 3am / Real world

They will even throw respect to a few old classics such as:

Bad company as per FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH
and POISON Every rose has its thorn / Talk dirty to me

And plenty more high energy songs to keep everyone moving on the dance floor!

Chris Caldaro Lead Vocals / Guitars
Clemente Vasallo Lead guitar / Backing Vocals
Nic Muruve Bass / Keyboards / Backing Vocals
Gary Esterman Drums / Backing Vocals

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Kettle Black