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Weekend Broward was founded in 2010 as a way to help local bands, bars, restaurants and cities get the word out to the right people about upcoming live music events specifically in Broward County, Boca Raton and Delray Beach. The website’s reach was later expanded to include all of Palm Beach County.  In addition, daily calendars were added for karaoke, food truck events, happy hours, daily dinner deals and comedy shows. Today, the website is a valuable resource for anyone searching for things to do around town, from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, with an emphasis on events that incorporate live music.

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History of Weekend Broward

Weekend Concierge

WeekendBroward was created in 2010 by The Weekend Concierge, a fan of local bands who wanted to share his calendar with friends so that they would always know which bands were playing where each weekend.  Since bands sometimes listed dates but not the time, he insisted on finding out this information so nobody was disappointed when they showed up too early or too late. That’s why you will find exact times listed on all the Live Music Events Calendars.

With limited budgets, local artists as well as local bars and restaurants are now able to promote their events on a website that is available to anyone looking for live, local entertainment throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties. Listings on the calendar are 100% free while the cost of placing an ad is nominal compared with most other media outlets.

Using Facebook as his public diary, the Weekend Concierge travels throughout south Florida, searching for great bands, venues and people having a good time.  He takes photos wherever he goes and shares them via various Facebook and Instagram social media pages.


How do we pay for this website?

1. You’ll find Google Ads on almost every page.  The ads change depending on what is in your personal Google profile.  We only get paid a few pennies when people click on the ads but every penny helps.

2. Throughout the site, you will see certain venues highlighted via small logo’s or ads.  Depending on what level of sponsorship they have chosen, the site gives back by featuring them wherever possible.

3. Sponsored events.  While most events are listed at no charge, there is always the option to go the extra mile and promote certain events a little more in return for a donation to the site.

If you are interested in supporting this website or know someone that would benefit, please contact-us today.

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