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  1. Best website to find out about the local music scene


  3. From an insiders perspective in the club buisiness, this is the go-to site for the best bands, bars, and entertainment in South Florida. Nothing even comes close. One stop info shop for party-goers!

  4. Weekend Broward Rocks…! Best site around for finding what you need when it comes to the local music scene…

  5. Best way to find out whos playing and where. Have found some new places and some great bands thru this site.

  6. Looking forward to the shows

  7. Has a date been set for the 2015 Garlic Festival in Delray Beach. I would appreciate your response so I can plans to attend from Sarasota, Florida.

  8. shows that the 16th Annual Garlic Fest 2015 will be held February 6, 7 & 8, 2015