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Do you have a show that you want added to our daily listings of live music in South Florida?

  1. Use the form below to send us details of where you will be playing so that we can easily add the information to either our Broward County or Palm Beach County live music, comedy or karaoke calendars.  Unfortunately, we do not cover Miami-Dade although we do receive a large number of visitors from there.
  2. All events are considered free / no cover charge unless specified otherwise in the notes section.
  3. Repeat above for each show or use the contact-us form to submit an entire month’s calendar at once.
  4. Be sure to also add your band info to the Band Directory so others can find more information about your band. Use the contact-us form to submit any updates.
  5. Please allow 24 hours for us to review and update the appropriate calendar.

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