Marsch’s Law

Marsch’s Law
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What do you get when you combine professional musicians who grew up with classic rock, with the next generation of professional musicians? You get Marsch's Law! Marsch's Law is a high energy band playing the best rock songs of our time. With lavish harmonies and both female and male lead vocalists, the band masterfully recreates a wide range of songs from classic rock to current rock and top 40s. This five piece band has the experience and chops to play songs not commonly covered that are the soundtrack of two generations. Whether they are playing current hits or songs that will bring back great memories, you'll want to get up and dance!


Pat Benatar, Nightbird, Stevie Nicks, Don Henley, Lady Gaga

Home-base county
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Band Members
Gina Marsch (Lead Vocal)
John Marsch (Lead Guitar&Vocal) Justin Marsch(Drummer)
Manny Vasquez (Keys) Ernesto (Bass)
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