Rock Candy

Rock Candy
ROCK CANDY rocks South Florida's sweet spots with the best of classic through current rock
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ROCK CANDY is a female-fronted cover band that performs with a raw, enticing energy. The band plays regularly at a number of the South Florida live music sweet spots and covers the best of classic through current rock. Professionals by day, music mavens by night, they work hard to play hard to bring entertaining and fun rock and roll that ALWAYS captivates a crowd.

Covering bands from every era of rock, pop and alternative including Aerosmith, Blink-182, Heart, Pearl Jam to popular female vocalists such as Carrie Underwood, Melissa Etheridge, Elle King and Pat Benatar.

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Band Members
Stacey Isaacs Benn (Lead Vocal), Glenn Moses (Lead Guitar), Chris Cuomo (Drums, Vocals), Dan Socek (Bass, Vocals), Paul Gandy (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals)
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