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South Florida Gothic.
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Obsidian is a musical group from Wilton Manors, Florida, USA, and was originally formed as a creative outlet for the various members to deal with their own traumatic experiences and existential epiphanies. The group originally formed in 2018 evolved into the current four-piece version consisting of Missy Mortis (Guitars, Vocals, Primary songwriter), Dent A Gon (Bass Guitars) Chuck Loose (Drums and Percussion), and Kathy D (Synths and Keyboards).

The group’s style has been described as “post-punk”, “goth” and “death rock” and combines a fierce love of rock music with darker electronic and esoteric elements.

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Band Members
Missy Mortis -Vocals/ Guitar
Kathy D. – Keyboard
Dent – Bass
Chuck Loose – Drums
  • Missy Mortis

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