Yvad & The Reggae Renegades

Yvad & The Reggae Renegades
Reggae ambassador,Kings music.
Music Genre

'Yvad & the Reggae Renegades' are a positive and uplifting reggae band with the true energetic sounds that reggae music should have, (system buster)Yvad & the Reggae Renegades have toured countries as the US, Europe, the Carribean and south America.
Introducing 'Yvad & The Reggae Renegades' To the World!!!

Home-base county
Palm Beach
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Band Members
Yvad,Vocalist-lead singer.
Junior-chico chin, horns.
Keith Clementson- Guitar.
Daniel Hendrick-Drums.
Kewin Brown-Keys.
Sheldon Satchel-Bass.
Clyde Mc phatter-Guitar.
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