Airwaves To Heaven

Airwaves To Heaven
Funk. Soul. Rock. Roll. And a Whole Lotta Zeppelin.
Music Genre

If you’re looking for the experience, electricity, potency and force from the prime days of rock and roll, look no further. Airwaves to Heaven has captured the live atmosphere of the late 60s and early 70s hard rock and funk scenes with authentic sounds, extended jams, and medleys including works ranging from Hendrix to J.S. Bach to Herbie Hancock, and so much more.

Along with our variety sets, Airwaves To Heaven has become one of the premier Led Zeppelin Tributes in South Florida, bringing an authentic rendition of their music to venues, parties, and festivals from Melbourne to Miami.

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Airwaves to Heaven is made up of lead singer Amber Taylor from Fort Lauderdale, guitarist and keyboardist Ryan Monaghan. Rhythm section is made up of our own personal John Bonham by the name of Tim Scolaro, and Michael November holding down John Paul Jones’ bass lines.

Home-base county
Palm Beach
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Band Members
Amber Taylor - Vocals
Ryan Monaghan - Guitar, Keyboard
Michael November - Bass, Harmonica
Tim Scolaro - Percussion

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