Dead Man’s Reach

Dead Man’s Reach
A kick ass Modern Rock band.
Music Genre

Dead Man's Reach is a fired up band with an energizing presence that pulls rock music by it's roots and breathes fresh, soulful, funky life into them.  Fueled by a mutual passion for great rock music, we felt we had an obligation to bring great modern rock to the masses.

Dead Man's Reach covers some of the hottest modern, alternative, and party rock artists such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Queens of the Stone Age, Bob Marley, Kid Rock, The Black Keys, and a ton more! We like to mix it up with some AC/DC, Queen, and Lenny Kravitz!

Home-base county
Band Members
Morgan Borne-Aives - Bass / Guitar

Steve Aives - Guitar

Nick Saumell - Vocals

Brian Dawes - Drums/Vocals
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