Hoodoo Blue Blues Band

Funky New Orleans Delta Blues to Roadhouse Blues to Chicago Style Blues to Blues flavored Classic Rock !

Producing a high-energy and dance-able Blues/Rock experience.

Hoodoo Blue has performed at many of South Florida’s finest establishments. county fairs, municipal venues and large outdoor venues as well as performing at many local charity events as well.
The Crossroads Band
Blues, Rock Funk and Soul with an eclectic vibe

The Crossroads Band plays Blues, Rock Funk and Soul with an eclectic vibe. Our experienced musicians provide an upbeat show that is guaranteed to have you dancing. Our set list is diverse, but rooted in keeping the party moving along. We blend the music of our past and present and coming together to celebrate the good times as we keep our nation of Roadies listening and dancing to the soundtrack of our lives.
David Shelley and Bluestone

“David Shelley and Bluestone delivers soulful blues guitar and vocals. Fusing traditional forms with unique cultural experiences, “Bluestone” is a roots rocking band with a worldbeat edge.
No Murcy

These four musicians have risen from the ashes of several south older South Florida bands. They have come together to create Classic Rock and Blues on Steroids from some of the greatest Kings of Rock Blues.

Sounds from Led Zeppelin , Cream Hendrix, Guy, Allman Brothers and so many more, make up this bands repertoire of songs.

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