Jahfe is For The People

Jahfé is an international powerhouse pop-roots-rock-reggae band whose rising popularity and following is due to their take charge attitude and uncompromising conscious message. Representing the power of the youth and the wisdom of roots culture, the music of Jahfé not only reflects diversity but the true ability of conscious music to connect to people of all backgrounds. Now in their musical prime, Jahfé specializes in a hard-driving, dubbed-up hybrid of Rock and Reggae that, in its best moments, rise to a visceral frenzy that few reggae acts of any era could hope to match. The band is fronted by lead vocalist Esther Fortune, a ferocious whirlwind of power and energy, a raw dominant and commanding dynamo who is impossible to contain when she hits the stage. Together with Sasha Sanon (band leader, percussionist and also lead singer) and Lady D (a technically trained mezzo-soprano with a vocal range spanning more than three octaves) they produce euphonious harmonies and interweave over the expertly constructed reggae grooves skillfully; an audience has no choice but to submit and be mesmerized as they take in powerful messages of Unity and Livity. We're definitely NOT a cover band

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Inna Sense
Reggae that Makes Inna Sense

Inna Sense is comprised of an all star line up and its members have worked with well known artists like Mikey Dread, Julian Lennon, Blues trveler, Inner Circle, Lutan Fyer, Maxi Priest, Marcia Griffiths and Kymani Marley to name just a few. Performances as a group and individually have included Reggae on the River, Glastonburg Festival in England, Montreal Reggae Fest, Reggae Sunsplash, many other tours all over Europe and the United States. Now, with the completion of their new release, the band is preparing for extensive touring to bring their music to the world.

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Discover more about the band online
Burden of Sanity

Burden of Sanity is a South Florida-based band featuring Javier on the guitar, Mesial strumming the bass, Steve banging the drums, and Jervis rocking the mic.

What started as friends who loved Rock music, transformed into a band where everyone's diversity and influences created something like no other. Some of those favorite influences include Deftones, Tool, Killswitch Engage, and Darkest Hour...but as always, all of our music are original pieces written by us.

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One Last Drink

Original rock n roll /pop-punk, punktry in the vein of Stones, Replacements, Black Crowes, Clash, Zeppelin, Guns n Roses, Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, Gram Parsons

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Sea and Space
Floating Liquid Folk

Sea and Space is a South Florida based electro-folk band that creates their signature floating liquid grooves by juxtaposing layers of acoustic and electronic music through alternative sound mediums. These interwoven complexities are further defined byte bands' intentional use of negative space, creating engaging musical effect through silence or minimalism.

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