Nick Orr & the Spectrum

Nick Orr and the Spectrum is a rock group that plays rock and roll with such passion and enthusiasm you'd never know they're in their teens and early 20's. The group features Nick on lead vocals and drums, Kyle Zindman (aka Dr. Slide) on guitar and bass and Sebastian Silva on bass, guitar and vocals. The 'spectrum' also includes a number of very talented musicians who vary at each gig. The band plays many different styles of music ranging from Led Zeppelin (their specialty) to Janis Joplin to today's sounds like Bruno Mars and the Black Keys. They also write excellent original songs which you can find online and on their social media.

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The Shake
Keeping music real

Based in South Florida this trio burst onto the scene with a reckless abandon. Borrowing from many sides of the genre spectrum The Shake take Reggae and Pop Punk and cram it together with elements of prog rock and metal to satisfy ears of all. Compared to such bands as Alkaline Trio and Rx Bandits, The Shake take influence from artists all the way from Stick figure to Slipknot.

With hard hitting drums to mellow soulful basslines and rounded out with thought provoking lyrics and vocal melodies, The Shake is a one stop shop. The boys are dedicated to the refusal of contouring their sound to anyone but themselves. The songs are not for everyone, but every song is for someone. And the band prides themselves on running gambit of emotions in their music.

Better Strangers is an intersectional experience that blurs lines and disregards categories.

Better Strangers is an intersectional experience that blurs lines and disregards categories. It is abrasive and uncompromising. It is dynamic, authentic, and expansive. Its' members hail from different corners of the world, as its' music draws from the different corners of human creation in a unique synthesis of genres. Influenced by the best elements of hard rock, psychedelic, hip hop, metal, grunge, progressive, and shoegaze, Better Strangers occupies its' own space within the continuum of music - while paying due respects to the giants on whose shoulders it stands. Better Strangers is bringing it back by pushing it forward.

Drummer Nic Collins, is well versed, but that's understandable given his father is Phil Collins. The rest of the group is just and fantastic and super talented!

Discover more about the band online
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