The Chili Poppers
the #1 tribute band to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The Chili Poppers is south Florida's #1 tribute band to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We bring together all the people who enjoy RHCP to our shows, from the casual listeners to the hardcore fans.  We are a professional and dedicated tribute act and can accommodate any venue's needs.


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Never Stop Believin’
A Premiere tribute to the iconic rock band, Journey

Never Stop Believin' is the premiere tribute to the iconic rock band, Journey, bringing all their 70's and 80's hits to the stage again for your enjoyment.

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This is Fremantle
The music of AC/DC as performed by the Bad Boys of Broward.

While many others imitate, we authoritate. Fremantle is a collection of musicians dedicated to sounding as close to AC/DC as possible. While looks may not be everything, the sound is most important. Listen to Larry's blistering guitar as he moves up and down the fretboard duplicating Angus' riffs and every note. While Martin crushes out the everlasting accompaniment that pulls it together with intense force. Adding bottom is Lorenzo with the fearless bass skills matching that of Cliff. Completing the rhythm section is Mike on drums with the crushing force that bleeds the music into one powerful unit. Rock on vocals perfecting the unique and scouring voice that only Bon Scott himself can do. When you put all this together you get FREMANTLE.

Fremantle is available for private parties, corporate shows, weddings (if you dare), and independent venues.

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SMOOTH STB-Santana Tribute Band
Worlds Best Santana Trubute Band

Smooth STB (Santana Tribute Band) is composed of local South Florida Pro Musicians who bring you the best in the total Santana experience and then some. For your Listening and additional Dancing pleasure.

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The Beatlemaniax USA

The BEATLEMANIAX perform the Beatles classic songs from their touring years, 1962-1966. A few musical surprises also can be expected from the "non-concert" period, 1967-1970. The arrangements have been kept as close to the original recordings as possible and all members are featured during the show. They perform the hits as well as the beloved songs that should have been hits, thus giving their audience a wide variety of early Beatles classics. All the music is performed live with no aid of pre-recorded tracks, except the occasional sound-effects tracks which help retain the authentic feel of the original recording.

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Pure Heart
Close your eyes, listen, open your eyes and it again...and it really them or am I seeing people and hearing songs I know, but I cannot quite make out if it is the real thing or not...Ann &, uh yes I cannot be sure...Lifeline, Celebrating the Decades of Heart and more!

The Lifeline/Pure Heart Family is fully committed to the complete emulations of the original Heart lineup, continuing the follow up players that contributed to their huge sound and song success, Ann And Nancy Wilson along with a Backline band is one of the hardest to cover vocally, instrumentally and visually...while maintaining sharp musical integrity along with physical showmanship, we strive to cover the 30 year + span of all their radio hits and popular anthems from the early 70s into the 90s, from Classic staples such as Dog & Butterfly, Magic Man and Barracuda and Crazy on you, clear to big hair and what about Love, Alone, These Dreams and Stranded with a a bakers dozen more waiting in the remaining set catalog between the spanning years of their diverse success!

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