Best Bars for Bands in Broward this Weekend

The Weekend Concierge strives to find great venues that support live music in the North, Central and South ends of Broward County.  This list is not a tell-all but rather a handy chart, presented in alphabetical order by city so no preference is given over the first versus last venue listed.  In addition to the names of the … Read more

Stone Mojo Revised and RevAmped!

Ch-ch-ch changes….to quote Davie Bowie and the recently seen mantra of popular cover band Stone Mojo, change is a good thing.  And timing is everything.  When another popular band, Furious George, disassembled due to the retirement of lead singer George Volpe, it was about the same time that Stone Mojo was feeling the need to … Read more

Down Durty Boyz – Not your average rock cover band

What happens when you take five talented artists who have done (and are still doing) an amazing job at various musical endeavors and put them all together in one band? A perpetually potent and powerful party in the form of a band named “Down Durty Boyz!” This insanely skilled group is comprised of Richie Cross … Read more

Can Shatterglass win Hard Rock Rising the Global Battle?


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Shatterglass, a popular and talented local Florida band and the winner of the Hollywood finals competition for the largest global battle of the bands competion, Hard Rock Rising. Band members Zoog (Vocals), Jinx (Guitars), Donnie J (Bass), and RonJon (Drums & Percussion) are re-inventing the ‘sing along’ with … Read more

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