Celebrity Musicians Band Together for Struggling Brazilian Immigrants in the Arts, Events & Entertainment Industry

In response to the economic fallout the Coronavirus Pandemic has inflicted on Brazilian immigrants living in the United States, the President and CEO of The Heartbeat Foundation, Luciano Sameli, has launched a new fundraising campaign called “ENOUGH – No More Suffering” (Chega de Sofrer). The campaign aims to raise an emergency relief fund for Brazilian immigrants in the arts, events and entertainment industries who are struggling to keep their heads above water. With the money raised from the campaign, individuals will be able to apply for $500 financial relief checks.

To help promote the campaign, ONZE:20, a Brazilian reggae band who has performed at the Latin Grammy awards, created an original song “Chega de Sofrer.” In a new music video for the song, ONZE:20 co-performs the song with other celebrity musicians including Paula Lima, Elba Ramalho and James McWhinney from Big Mountain. The music video premiered on Oct. 12 at 6pm EST on the campaign website at www.SufferingnoMore.org

The Brazilian community has been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Brazilian immigrants have faced job losses, business closures, daycare closures, school closures and a decrease in available contract work. Many Brazilian immigrants have also been  struggling to help their families back in Brazil where the Coronavirus has devastated further the already struggling economy. Many Brazilians living in the US are often distanced from their families and lack social support.Artists, musicians and professionals in the entertainment industry are especially scrambling to survive these trying times when venues are closed, social distancing policies make exhibitions, concerts and events a challenge, and opportunities to perform or display art are slim.

In addition to the musicians featured in the ONZE: 20 music video, the campaign is being championed by internationally renowned Brazilian artists back in Brazil, including Paula Lima, Elba Ramalho, Sandami, Adelmo Case,  Gian e Giovani, and Vitor Kley.

“The Heartbeat Foundation thanks them wholeheartedly for their support of fellow artists, performers and professionals working here in the US,” said Sameli. “Now is a time to promote brotherly love and unity across both the US and Brazil.”

Donors wishing to donate funds to the “ ENOUGH – No More Suffering” campaign can do so on the campaign website at www.SufferingnoMore.org. All donations will be used exclusively to assist applicants. Families wishing to apply for $500 financial relief checks can also do so on the campaign website.

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