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Cheers Sunrise LogoIf you’ve ever gone out to see the very best of local live music, chances are you’ve been to Cheers in Fort Lauderdale.  The late night bar has been host to the South Florida music scene since 1985.  Whether it’s to spend the night rockin and dancing to your favorite band, or your last stop to catch the fourth set and party until 4am, Cheers has always been THAT place.  The amazing staff and owners Conrad and Shawn Chase have been a cornerstone for both bands and fans, making it a sure-to-please venue for every crowd to enter its doors.

So what could possibly top all of that? How about a second Cheers?!  Just as we know the Cheers name, I’m sure we’ve all been to Buzz’s in Sunrise.  Playing host to local bands for 13 years, Buzz’s owners, Joel and Cheryl Scott have decided to focus on new endeavors, passing Buzz’s future to Conrad and Shawn.  As new owners, they have renamed Buzz’s, “Cheers Restaurant and Bar-Sunrise” and have already secured some stellar bands for their next adventure.  They’ve lined up some kickass bands and the list continues to grow.  So hold onto your barstools, because having TWO Cheers to rock your bones and keep you dancing is going to be quite the crowd pleaser.  Conrad and Shawn will be bringing the Cheers friendly atmosphere we all love to Sunrise!

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I took some time to reach out to fans and musicians to share their thoughts on the Buzz’s we’ve all been a part of.  It was pretty awesome to hear how the late night Sunrise bar has brought together friends, bands and fans and kept going for so many years.  “Great local regulars”, “Fun, all around people, always a good time”, “Great place to drink and eat and make ever-lasting friendships”, “One of the best places to play”, “Always a great gig”, “Buzz’s was a fun bar to work. The staff was like a little family”. It was pretty clear to see how many people have their ‘roots’ in Buzz’s and the thousands of gig pics posted over the years are a great testament to this iconic venue. We all look forward to its future as Cheers-Sunrise.

Saturday, August 10th is the official ‘Bye Bye Buzz’s” party with “The Crush” raising the roof at 9PM.  Don’t miss the chance to bid farewell to Joel and Cheryl and kick off the renamed bar with its proud new owners Conrad and Shawn.  The official Grand Opening weekend is August 23rd & 24th with TWO popular local bands playing each night!  Friday kicks it off with Lazy Bonez and Riverdown and Saturday keeps it rockin with Grindstone and bounce!  Can we say ‘killer weekend’?!!!

Keeping it fresh and sizzling, Cheers-Sunrise will have live music 5 nights a week, sports, karaoke, trivia, bingo, NFL, basketball, baseball, UFC, beer pong, Jumbo-Jenga, Ladies night, happy hour, Open Mic night, trivia, Live ProJam and great food! Add in some sexy bartenders and waitresses and shake well! Live music will be featured every weekend from 10 PM- 3 AM and a DJ spinning during set breaks will keep the night going and going. Sound familiar?

So Bye Bye Buzz’s, good luck Cheryl and Joel, hello Cheers-Sunrise and congrats Conrad and Shawn!  May this amazing endeavor bring a long journey filled with friendship, music, and whole new place where everybody knows your name….

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Addendum: Check out Cheers-Sunrise’s Grand Opening Weekend

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