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Whether you are in a band, a fan of live music or manage a restaurant-bar with live music, we’d love to hear from you.  Send us a note using one of the forms below and the Weekend Concierge will get back with you ASAP!


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    Are you in a Band and want us to promote your show?

    1 – Use the form below to send us details of where you will be playing so that we can easily add the information to either our Broward County or Palm Beach County live music calendar.  Please note that we cannot use your poster unless the venue is a sponsor of our site or in return for a one-time donation to support our site. (see Paypal button below)

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      2 – Be sure to also add your band info to the Band Directory.

      3 – Ask the venues where you play to become sponsors in order to get your flyers listed on our live music calendar pages.


      Do you own or manage a bar or restaurant with live music?

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      Live Music listings are FREE but posters, ads and extra promotions are for sponsors only.

      Let us know how and when to contact you by completing the form at the top of this page.



      Planning a special event and want the whole world to know?

      Send us all the details using our  SUBMIT EVENT form. (Please read the rules so you don’t waste your time)

      We offer both FREE and SPONSORED options if you are willing to pay a few extra $$$$.

      If you just need to add a gig to one of our calendars, use the simpler Add-to-Calendar form.

      Need a band for your private party or venue? Ask us for a recommendation!


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