Mobile Live Events Calendar



Note: Due to an internal error beyond our control, this calendar shows both current date and previous day’s shows combined.  We hope to find a solution soon.  You may return to our trusted calendar at any time.

We like to play around with different views for Google Calendar so the following may or may not work on your device.



3. Our current live music calendar page

4. Compact Mobile List

5. Another MOBILE list view


  4 Responses to “Mobile Live Events Calendar”

  1. Hi

    I like the full monthly view best, I like to be able to scan the days without having to click through each one.

    Jerry Rocker

  2. Rob,

    The Beta Monthly is too crowded.

    The Mobile List view was Empty

    The Existing page is fine.

    We just switched to Team Up –

    Check it out.

  3. I agree that the monthly view is kind of crowded, although it is nice not to have to scroll down over and over. Since the current view has the monthly view as a tab to go to, I would say to change the calendar to the monthly view and see how it does BUT have a tab that you can click so people can see it the old way as well.

  4. Monthly view is very crowded. I like the existing page where i can switch the view.