Only 11 more years till the next Halloweekend

It’s just our luck that the once in a decade arrival of Halloween on a Saturday night happens to be the same year as a worldwide Pandemic hits us! And while I am not here to tell you whether or not your kids should go door to door trick or treating or participate in a long line of cars parading through city parks, I am going to do what I can to share what I know about this weekend for adults who happen to like parties, live music and dressing up in strange outfits.

Yesterday, I asked friends on Facebook if they will be getting dressed up in costumes on Friday night even though Halloween is officially on Saturday.  The overwhelming response was “of course!”  As I stated a few minutes ago, it’s not every year that Halloween is on a Saturday night, so why not celebrate all weekend long?!  

The next question is “Where to go?”  Many of us remember the many block parties that used to occur throughout Fort Lauderdale, especially the ones with $5000+ prizes that brought the most creative costumes from all over the state to our humble abode.  And while I’d love to tell you all where this is happening this weekend, unfortunately, I know of no such block party with huge prizes that will fill the streets.  However, if you follow the live music scene like I do, you WILL still find entertainment and fellow party animals who like to dress up in their fantasy outfits at least once or twice if not more this time of year.

And if you ask me “Where is the best place to go for Halloween”, I will tell you to browse the live music calendars at WeekendBroward and select a destination based on the band that is playing and the venue that will be hosting the event.  Sometimes, one overrides the other.  And this year, more than ever, you want to feel comfortable with the environment above all.  And while some people may not like to hear it, I will suggest that you incorporate a facemask in your costume nonetheless.  

Please keep in mind that every venue has an occupancy limit and once they exceed that limit, they will be forced to turn away guests so I’d suggest either calling for reservations if they take them or having a backup plan for alternative places to go, just in case this happens to you.

So here are some pages you might like to browse before you decide where you’re going to party, and keep in mind that it’s ok to celebrate a day early because, after all, it’s Halloweekend!