Re-Opening Concert Houses, Auditoriums, Playhouses and More

Although still in Phase 1 for the re-opening of businesses in the state of Florida, City and County governments can implement rules of their own as well.  On June 5th, Broward County amended their Emergency Order 20-15 regarding the re-opening of Movie Theatres, Museums, Broward County Parks, Youth Activities, Summer Camps, Bowling Alleys, Arcades, Indoor Amusement Facilities and Short Term Vacation Rentals.

Beginning, Monday, June 15th, Concert Houses, Auditoriums and Playhouses may reopen if they provide a plan that is approved by the Broward County Administrator. A certificate should be displayed prominently by the business, verifying that their reopening plan has been reviewed and approved by the County.

On opening day, only 6 businesses were currently listed on the county’s website as approved.  One of them is called The Playhouse, located in Hallandale, but it’s neither a theater nor a small house for children.  It’s actually a Gentleman’s Club!  Another approved venue is a theater inside Century Village of Deerfield Beach called CenClub. Both Empire Stage and Infinite Abyss are well known stage theaters in the Fort Lauderdale area. And if you have ever gone to a Pirate or Renaissance festival, you may have seen The Royal Chessmen who often dual in full regalia.  The last business, Adventure Kids Inc, was unclear as to which business used that name in Fort Lauderdale.

The Royal Chessman

Also permitted to open on Monday, without submitting a request, are Bowling Alleys, Arcades, and Indoor Amusement Facilities subject to a fifty percent maximum capacity. Are billiards included in this category? Well, if Gentleman Clubs can open as Playhouses, then Pool Halls should certainly fit the same category as indoor amusement. Fuzzy logic at its’ best!

broward re-opening

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