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Live Music at Local Bars & Restaurants

  • If your event is simply a date and time for a band playing at a local venue, skip this form and use the simpler add-to-calendar form instead.

Criteria for submitting Local Events

  • Events must have at least one of the following elements to qualify: Live Music, Comedy, Food Trucks, and/or Musicals.  
  • Events must be located in either Broward or Palm Beach County
  • Include as many details as possible about your live entertainment such as the names of the bands, type of music they play and their schedule, if different from the event start and end times.
  • Include links to your website or Facebook pages so people know where to go for more information.
  • Although everyone appreciates a FREE show, we understand that some of these events may involve ticket purchases, in which case, we ask that you include ticket pricing and links to buy tickets online.
  • Reduce your featured image size before uploading.  Maximum size is 800px high, 800px wide and 800,000 bytes. If it’s too large, send it to us via email and we’ll resize and add it to your submission.

Need further promotion of your event(s)?

  1. If your event involves Food Trucks, let us know so we can also promote your event on our related website,
  2. If your event does not meet our guidelines but you feel strongly that it should be of interest to our readers, consider making a donation to help support our local live music scene and we may be able to publish it as a sponsored event.  For more information on this option, please contact-us.
  3. If you would like to us to further promote your event via online advertising, front page of our website promotion, email blasts, mentions via our social media pages or anything else, please contact-us.

How long should you wait?

  • Your event will be reviewed and published if it meets our guidelines within 24 hours (in most cases).

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