Talent Search at Pompano Beach’s Lyrics Lab

Lyrics Lab, one of the most popular open mic nights in South Florida, has been attracting top talent since its inception in 2014.  Now, the Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department is developing an EP, Pompano Beach Soundtrack Vol 1., featuring the best of the best! In partnership with The Round Table LLC, this project will capture the unique sound and vibe of Pompano Beach and share it with the world. Talent scouts will be at the April, May and June Lyrics Lab events at Ali Cultural Arts Center seeking artists to join the project.

“An essential part of our mission is nurturing emerging artists,” said Ty Tabing, Cultural Affairs Director. “Lyrics Lab has always provided a stage for creatives to explore their craft, from spoken word to pop music, beat box to comedy, and everything in between. So, we are excited to take this dynamic mix and bring it to a wider audience.”

Partnering with the City is The Round Table LLC, which is owned by Sarahca Peterson, who was one of the original powerhouse poets that established Lyrics Lab as a force within the cultural community.  She along with a team of industry experts will be working with the selected artists to mix, master, compose and arrange the 6-8 song soundtrack. The final product will be released in the fall on all streaming platforms.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for local artists to work with well-known industry professionals,” said Peterson. “We have assembled a stellar team with extensive backgrounds in production, composition and studio engineering including Aaron Verret, David Kennedy, and Lyriq Tye.

Lyrics Lab takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month starting at 8pm.

The Ali Cultural Arts Center is located at 353 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Pompano Beach, Florida.

For more information visit https://www.pompanobeacharts.org/events/pompano-beach-soundtrack-vol-1.

About the Round Table Project:

The Round Table Project is a multi-media production company based in Pompano Beach, Florida was established in 2011.  Our goal is to provide quality cultural arts and live entertainment programming for communities, schools, organizations, and private events. It is the intent of The Round Table Project to always find new and innovative ways to INTRODUCE the arts to people by connecting the dots of everyday activities to the arts which then allows us to CULTIVATE the hidden treasure of cultures through the arts. Then we simply SPREAD it. Here at The Round Table Project our purpose is to create a more loving world and we feel that the Arts in particular creates environments of understanding, compassion and foster the freedom of expression that we all need. 

About the Production Team:

 Aaron Verrett

Aaron Verrett is a music producer, composer and a certified audio engineer.  Aaron graduated from Omega Studios’ School of Applied Recording Arts and Sciences (Rockville, MD, DMV area) in 2004, and is currently working with numerous artists from South Florida and other places in the country.  Being from Gulfport, MS, Aaron was surrounded by music through the rich gulf coast culture.  He played the tuba from 7th grade to college and played the drums for his church choir.  With that, Aaron performed at The House of Blues and The Jazz Fest in New Orleans among other places.  Aaron is currently using that experience to help artists build music from scratch and create ideas that would allow the artist to shine.  Aaron’s future goal is to educate the youth in how to navigate in the music world/industry and how to create a full presentation/performance of work.  Through him and his wife’s organization, “Beautify the Hood,” the youths will gain the support needed to achieve their goals.

David Kennedy

Born in New York City and raised primarily in Jamaica, Kennedy began his career as an engineer at Byron Lee’s Dynamic Sounds in Kingston, after graduating from NYC’s Institute for Audio Research. His career in recording has never been typical. It was a chance encounter with Bob Marley, and subsequent time spent around the late legend in Miami, that encouraged him on his career path. In his younger days, Kennedy even moonlighted as a model — one of the first in that profession to sport a head of dreadlocks. More recently, Kennedy returned to Jamaica to set up his own recording facility, Cedar Hill

 Lyriq Tye

Tye is an ordained minister, singer-songwriter, activist and restorative justice practitioner. Tye is an emerging recording artist described as the “Lauryn Hill of the South.”  Known for their versatile cadence, introspective lyricism, and their controversial questioning, they’re often regarded as one of Miami’s best kept secrets. Their song writing credits include lyrics sung by Mya, K. Michelle and many others. They are deeply committed to easing the suffering of people impacted by incarceration given their own history with incarceration. Tye’s spiritual ministry is rooted in lyricism, meditation, Christ principle and ancestral honoring. Their work is predominantly centered around life and their spiritual journey through different kinds of churches, colleges and prisons (physical, mental and emotional). Tye is indigenous to the Americas, Aniyunwian (“the principled people” misnomered Cherokee); they relate to the Two-Spirit/Gatekeeper tradition. They are called “The Messenger.”

About the City of Pompano Beach Cultural Affairs Department

The mission of the Cultural Affairs Department is to provide cultural programming that includes visual artsdigital media, music, film, theater, dance and public art for the enjoyment and enrichment of residents and visitors to Pompano Beach, Broward County, and the greater South Florida area. The department programs and manages the City’s premiere cultural arts venues including the Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Ali Cultural Arts Center, Bailey Contemporary Arts Center, and the Blanche Ely House Museum. The department also oversees the City’s Public Art Program and the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts’ Our Town grant awarded to the Pompano Beach Crossroads place-making arts initiative.