Three Things You May Not Have Thought About during Coronavirus Days

We know that you are already bombarded with so much information, tips and advice regarding surviving Coronavirus Days however, since we don’t have any events to promote at this time, we thought we’d share just three thoughts with you today. These may be common sense thoughts but sometimes it helps when someone else confirms what you were already thinking, so here we go.

1. When you use delivery services such as Uber Eats, Delivery Dudes and Doordash, restaurants get charged an average of 30% of the cost of the order, leaving very little margin to cover their costs.  When you hear offers of “free” delivery, they are simply not charging the end-customers the approximate 15% service or delivery fee, however, they are still collecting from the restaurants.  That’s why you may be seeing offers of 10% off from some restaurants that are only applicable if you pick up orders yourself.  And while drivers at these delivery services more than deserve their tips, it’s unfortunate that none of the tip money goes to help workers at the actual restaurant you thought you were supporting by ordering in the first place. It’s a catch-22 but “food for thought”

2. We all know that we cannot go out to bars, beaches or dine-in at restaurants however, if you think about it, hundreds of people gather at any given time in large grocery stores and thousands pass through their doors daily.  Unlike the aforementioned places, food stores are essential businesses and therefore open to as many people as they will allow.  Since there are no rules set forth by local, state or federal government agencies, (as of this writing) there is really no way to assure your personal health when you enter grocery stores even if they do a good job cleaning their shopping carts with sanitizers.  Consider placing orders online instead,  with home or curbside delivery.  However, also keep in mind that there is a growing lag time between your order being transmitted to the store, the time products are picked from shelves (if they are not on backorder) and even how long that tub of ice cream or package of raw meat may sit before it gets delivered to you unless they come in a refrigerated truck or insulated cooler. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

3. As of March 27, 2020 there were a total of 2757 confirmed cases  of COVID-19 in Florida Residents and another 135 cases in Non-Florida Residents confirmed.  That’s about double what it was just 2 days ago. (Update April 22nd, the total now stands at  27869)  Check for the latest numbers.  What you rarely hear is that up until a few days ago, we hardly had any testing sites available other than the department of health and now that they are opening all over south Florida, they are limited to people 65 and older with specific symptoms or emergency medical workers.  Lines can be hundreds of cars long and with each car taking approximately 10 minutes to process, it’s easy to see that only 6 cars can be processed each hour assuming that there is only one lane.  So what I am saying is that you should not be fooled by the small number reported compared with the population of the state as they do not include anyone who is sick and staying home as is recommended for non life threatening cases nor does it take into consideration anyone under 65 that might be excluded from drive-through test sites nor does it include anyone that doesn’t want to wait in line for hours.   As testing gets more prevalent and new tests get processed faster than the current 4-7 day turnaround, we will see these numbers increase daily until enough people are either sick or get the message to stay home.  #SaferAtHome

And with all that said, we urge our friends to be smart, be safe and stay healthy!

Photo Credit: Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

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