Watch It Come Down at Hard Rock Hollywood

It was a dreary rainy day when I was invited to see for myself the current state of nightclubs inside the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood complex before being completely pulverized to the ground as if they had never existed.  The weather was a perfect backdrop to the many emotions which went through my mind as I thought of all the good times which were had in these clubs by so many which included Pangea, Gryphon, Opium, the Paradise Theater and the Improv Comedy Club as they were being scavenged for anything of value that could be saved from the complete decimation which was only a few days away from reality.  I snapped a few pictures to save the memories and to share them with others who never were given a chance to say goodbye as these clubs were given short notice before being told to shut down and vacate.  And this was just “phase 1” with the next phase to include the venerable Murphy’s Law, Gloria Estefan’s Bongo’s Cafe and Martorano’s, whose fresh Garlic was permeating the pouring rain as I waited to enter the deserted clubs across the way for one last time.

If this comes as a surprise to those of you reading about this for the first time, you might want to catch up on the news as reported by the Miami Herald and other South Florida publications which explained how this property will be completely overhauled with a new 800-room, 36-floor guitar shaped hotel with a promise to “create 19,452 jobs, including 4,867 full-time positions and 14,585 construction jobs, said Seminole Gaming CEO James Allen.” (February 1, 2016) Read more here:

Construction and venue updates with a preview of what’s to come can be found

Thank you to Anthony Erale Vice President of Allied Bean Demolition for giving me the inside-view on all the hard work that goes into what they do best.


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