Most Popular Nights for Drinking

Have you ever asked yourself “I wonder what day is the MOST popular night to go out for a drink?”  or “Where does Cinco de Mayo rank among the most popular drinking nights?”  I have put together an unscientific survey and here are the results: 1. St. Patricks Day 2. Cinco de Mayo 3. Halloween     … Read more

That Elusive Drummer

As anyone who has ever tried to take pictures of a band knows, the hardest shot can be the drummer.  First, he (or she) is usually blocked by two or three other band members.  Sometimes, I need permission to either go on stage or climb on top of a speaker or stool to get high … Read more


You have landed on a page that has been changed.  If you are looking for venues for bands and live music, please refer to the Bar & Restaurant Directory page.

Tip Rounding

I asked my friend if he believes in tip rounding and he said “Yeah, I do it all the time!”.  I said, “I’m not talking about rounding the tip off to the nearest dollar by choice – I am talking about the server doing it for you when they only give you dollars back and … Read more

Live Bands in Fort Lauderdale

Help us to improve your search by selecting one of the following pages: Use the South Florida Band Directory for a listing of Live Rock Cover Bands, Tribute Bands, Blues, Jazz, Country and More! Find live music tonight on the Live Music Events Schedule. See a listing of Bars and Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach … Read more

My Two Cents!

During a recent conversation on Facebook regarding restaurants and bars that pay lots of money to hire bands, yet spend very little money to let people know about them, we had the honor of local talent agent, Judy Blem, chiming in to the conversation and sharing her two cents with us!  Q & A with … Read more