Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Home 2020

Cinco de Mayo Girls

It’s not every year that the 5th of May falls on a Tuesday but it sure would have been a perfect day to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at your favorite Mexican restaurant (or Irish Pub for that matter) had the Coronavirus not shut down our ability to party alongside friends and strangers.  Of course, you … Read more

12 Live Streaming Tips for Musicians

Live Stream Entertainment

Times of crisis are challenging for our local live music community and the ability to connect with fans is more important now than ever before. For musicians, the stay-at-home orders translated to no more gigging, touring, cowriting, book signing, etc. But these same times can be transformative, offering options and opportunities that we might never … Read more

A Virtual Battle of the Bands

Stay Home Band Battle

When restaurants and bars shut their doors, and cities issue orders to stay home, what do all the bands and musicians do to keep their music alive and fans entertained?  While many individual musicians have taken to the social media airwaves conducting solo concerts from their living rooms, bands are still unable to come together … Read more