Weekend Concierge now available to help you find event space around town

Are you planning a special event and have too many people to sit at one table and just don’t know where to start looking?  Why not let The Weekend Concierge help you find the perfect spot for your celebration, whether it be a wedding, bar-mitzvah, Quinceañera, Sweet-16, engagement party or just plain birthday!

If you follow him on Facebook, you already know that The Weekend Concierge visits more places than any one human being can possibly see in one week and that adds up to hundreds of bars, restaurants and party venues, large and small that he has seen over the years.  Why not pick his brains to see if he knows any event space that might be suitable for your next special occasion?

The idea came to him when he noticed that many restaurants had a spare room that was being under-utilized because most people just didn’t know it existed.  Similar to his knowledge of which bands are playing where, he would like the opportunity to share this information with friends and fans of WeekendBroward.  To simplify the process,  a simple form on his website needs to be completed to gather a few details.  Whether the room is as large as a banquet hall or as small as a meeting room, you can expect a response in less than 24 hours.  Best of all, this service is offered FREE of charge!  (Donations to support the website are always appreciated)

To begin your search for the perfect room for your next special event, click here.