Who cares about Food Trucks?

Food Trucks MargateWhen I announced last week that WeekendBroward was spawning off yet another page to a new website called FoodTrucksFortLauderdale.com, a lot of people must have asked the question “Who cares about Food Trucks?” and why is Rob, The Weekend Concierge, spinning his wheels on yet another website when he is already so busy with WeekendBroward.com? To begin to answer the question, I need to let you know that finding Food Truck events in and around Fort Lauderdale has nothing to do with my love for food that is made in a mobile kitchen.  In fact, when the weather is 90+ degrees outside or pouring rain, I would much rather be sitting inside an air-conditioned restaurant or my own kitchen.  However, knowledge of food truck events for me is like a stock investor knowing next month’s forecast of consumer confidence or the unemployment rate or housing starts.  In other words, there is much more than trucks spewing out both carbon dioxide and scents of sweet sauces at most food truck events and that may interest you as much as it interests me.

Food Truck RoundupLet’s look at the next few weeks worth of events, for which I can thank Jochen Esser.  Jochen runs GourmetTruckExpo,  one of only a handful of food truck event organizers around Broward and Palm Beach County.  He is the guy you call when you represent a city such as Sunrise, Margate, or Boca Raton to name some recent examples and you want to feed a crowd of hungry people at an outdoor event that doesn’t have the facilities in place to do so.  He then calls up to 25 Food Brazilian Beat Boca RatonTruck operators or more to drive from many miles away to attend these events from morning until nightfall, hoping that they can sell enough food to pay for their time and gas.  He also makes sure that they have permits, electricity and publicity to name just a few items on his to-do list.  That’s no easy task! Thanks to his efforts and a few other event organizers, we have advanced “warning” of upcoming events involving Live Music such as The 2nd Annual Brazilian Beat in Boca Raton on September 6th, or a Carlos Santana Tribute Show in Parkland on September 7th, or more live music at the Sunrise Civic Center on September 18th. If you are not excited about knowing that there are some exciting outdoor events with free entertainment in a city near you, you are reading the wrong blog!  However, if you are single, married, with or without children and on the lookout for a less expensive way to spend your hard earned money, then finding out where the next Food Truck Event is taking place might be exactly what you need!

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