The Friends Rule

You know the story.  You want to do something different this weekend like see a great band but a friend of yours would rather go to a dance club.  You can either go see that great band all by yourself or go dance to that hip hop non-stop dance beat until your feet ache and your wallet is empty after consuming some expensive drinks.  If you follow the “friends rule” rule, you will go dancing with your friend because you don’t want to go see that great band all by your lonesome.

Now all that may have been on a Thursday night when you started thinking about what you were going to do after work on the weekend.  Friday arrived and you get a text from your friend telling you that they have to cancel because their boyfriend just called and invited them to dinner followed by who knows what.  That’s the next phase in the “friends rule” – you can call it the boyfriend/girlfriend rule.

So now you have a choice to either stay home alone or go see that band you really wanted to see in the first place.   Maybe you will make a quick phone call or text to see if you can get some last minute plans going with another friend – one who probably does not have a hot date.  Maybe you will take a bath or shower and think it over, remembering the lyrics of the infamous song by The Clash “should I stay or should I go?”  The rest of the lyrics never even enter into your mind. (I looked them up in case your were interested)

Does this story sound familiar, more or less?  It’s what I imagine goes on week after week for some of us.  It’s the reason why we have so many choices of what to do each weekend but often end up siding with whatever our peers are doing.  It’s the reason why bands work so hard to win your hearts, DJ’s spin their tunes to a heavy beat and restaurants entice you with sumptuous meals, all in an effort to win you over but remember…. Friends Rule!

Note: This stream of thoughts on how we decide where to go was originally published The Weekend Concierge on March 31, 2011. We hope you enjoyed this blog from our “deep cut” archives.