Resources for Unemployed Workers during the Coronavirus Crisis in South Florida

While this list started out as just a footnote in our recent blogs about anything and everything to help the local music community which includes bar and restaurant workers and really anyone that appreciates the value of live music entertainment, it keeps growing day by day.  There are many local and nation-wide organizations that have been around for many years, providing either food or financial resources during and after natural disasters.  Then there are new organizations that have formed based on specific needs such as helping our hospitality workers or musicians and websites that cater to these industries have compiled lists of their own.  We invite you to investigate the resources below, hoping that we can help our local community.  And if you are feeling philanthropic, each of these organizations can use your help as either a volunteer or donations, monetary or otherwise.

Resources for unemployed workers during the Coronavirus crisis:

Help for Artists and Musicians

Help for the Hospitality Industry

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Photo credit: Şahin Yeşilyaprak on Unsplash